History of Flamborough Christian Fellowship


1974: Two ladies, Nancy King and Mary Sandwell, were faithfully seeking God for their husbands’ salvation: Chuck and Don. Don Sandwell desperately needed healing for his back. They attended a miracle service, and Don’s back was completely healed! Together, they attended a miracle service and Don’s back was completely healed! Together they began their spiritual journey. They prayed fervently for a work of God in this region.

Hungry for more of God, they began a Bible study in their home, which quickly attracted others of similar faith and experience. The Kings and the Sandwells became the founders of the fellowship.

The gathering outgrew the Sandwell’s home, and they were grateful to secure space in the Transport for Christ building for weekly Sunday evening meetings. This group made up of Anglican, Reformed, Christian Reformed, Baptist, Missionary Alliance, United, and Roman Catholic backgrounds, now became known as the Christian Fellowship Centre.

1976: Jack and Bev Chamberlain agreed to pastor this new church.

1977: The group had moved its meeting place to Carlisle’s Community Hall becoming Carlisle Christian Fellowship. Rev. Stanley Clark (with his wife Jessie, and their daughter) replaced the Chamberlain’s as Pastor.

1982: Rev. Errol Alchin and his wife Lynette were directed to the Carlisle Fellowship by Carlton Spencer (President of Elim Bible Institute), and became our first full-time pastors. They served for 5 years bringing the church into official affiliation with Elim Fellowship the following year. During this time, certain Friday nights were spent in all night prayer meetings.

1985: After months of cleaning and renovating, the fellowship moved into the Orange Lodge Hall on Centre Road in Carlisle, with a 10 year, $1.00 per year lease.

1988: Rev. Gerard Haberstro (with his wife Maureen, and 3 daughters) came from Buffalo, N.Y. to pastor the flock. Soon afterwards Pastor Gerard suffered from a severe stroke. The church banded together, and over time God brought about a miraculous recovery.

Prayer walking the roads of Flamborough, the area was claimed for Christ.

1990: A house with 20 acres was acquired at 329 6th Concession East, Flamborough to build a church. The fellowship became incorporated, and the name was changed to Flamborough Christian Fellowship (to better identify with the new location).

1993: After a tremendous effort, sacrifice, and a miraculous decision by the region to exempt churches from land levies, the beautiful church building we enjoy today was dedicated to the Lord.

1994: Rev. Ralph Byma and his wife Debbie were brought in as the Worship Leader and Youth Pastor. He worked alongside Pastor Gerard for 4 years. During this time, the Holy Spirit visited the church breathing in new life. Like a firebrand, Evangelist Ray Sel brought a deposit of the Holy Spirit, awakening a fresh hunger for God. Nights were set aside for seeking and soaking in God’s presence. Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship was experiencing an outpouring of the Father’s love, and the people of Flamborough Christian Fellowship, hungry for God, pressed in for more.

Pastor Gerard had a strong Missions vision and led numerous mission teams, especially to Jamaica.

1995: God led Bob Warriner (along with his wife and two children) to attend Flamborough Christian Fellowship. At that time, both Betty Anne and Bob simply needed ministry and healing. Bob had been an Associate Pastor in an Elim Church in Oneida New York for seven years, and an Assistant Pastor in Hamilton for four years. Soon Pastor Haberstro realized that God had brought this couple to someday replace him as Pastor. During this time, Pastor Byma was called to pastor Grand Valley Christian Fellowship in Brantford.

1998: God led an individual to give a sizeable offering specifically to cover a year’s salary for Pastor Bob to join Pastor Haberstro on staff.

1999: After 11 years of service, Rev. Gerard and Maureen Haberstro clearly heard God’s call to the nations, and resigned as Pastor of F.C.F. The leadership and congregation clearly confirmed that God had called Pastor Warriner along with his wife Betty Anne to be the Pastor.

Today:  God is still writing His-story. Through testing and blessing, God has brought the people of FCF into greater clarity and unity regarding our identity and destiny. He has been forming for Himself a House of Worship and Prayer, and raised up a people who are passionate about pursuing God’s Presence and changing nations through his love.