Worship is at the heart of who we are as a community. We are committed to being a resting place for God by His Spirit. Worship is about more than the songs we sing, it is about our lives, our hearts, our relationships surrendered to God.

What a privilege to enter the throne room of God! To ask the Holy Spirit to cover His people with a canopy of glory! What an honour to worship alongside honest, open hearts that want to meet with God, knowing their lives will be forever changed.  What an amazing group whose heart is to not only be passionate about God, but also to honour one another, as we humbly stand in His presence. The Glory of God will come and rest where a place has been prepared for Him, and I believe that we have succeeded in building Him a throne room that He is happy to share with us!  His hovering Spirit has brooded over us to create perfection from the bits and pieces we bring in with us each week.

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